My road to CWNE #312

The CWNP is a certification body focused on Wi-Fi neutral, vendor-free certification. It mostly focuses how the things work in Layer 1 and Layer 2, how to design it properly and how to troubleshoot it if necessary.

I passed CWNA in March 2011, after that CWSP in February 2014. Than it was a long break and I passed CWDP in February 2017, CWAP in January 2018 and re-certified CWSP in October 2018.

Fulfilling all requirements for the CWNE application took me 2-3 months.


Link to the current CWNE Application process.

CWNE Application Requirements

Note: All three of the following items are required.

1.Publishing of one of the following on an 802.11 topic (for evaluation of explanatory ability related to technical knowledge):

  • One published Wi-Fi whitepaper (10+ pages, to be reviewed by CWNP)
  • One published Wi-Fi book (with ISBN)
  • One recorded (video) instructional presentation
  • A published Wi-Fi article in excess of 1000 words
  • Regularly updated blog (at least six 802.11-related posts)
  • Other writing projects must be pre-approved to be considered, CWNP often makes
    writing projects available to those seeking CWNE status to assist in meeting this

I decided to start blogging about enterprise Wi-Fi. The main idea is taking a topic/feature, lab it with advanced syslog and if possible packet capture and share the results in a form of a post in my blog. I wanted to do something, which is rare in Wi-Fi blogs. I see benefits for myself in running the blog. People do forget the things, therefore the repeating process is a natural habit of mastering the topic. It happens to me as well 🙂 Another thing, which helped me a lot and I am still working on it, is regularity. Posting 2 posts per month is a goal and teaches me a new habit. After acquiring the CWNE certification I decided I will keep running my blog.


2.Three (3) Wi-Fi Project Documentation essays. Each item must be a not shorter
than 500 and not longer than 1000 word essay demonstrating:

  • Your valuable participation in, or leadership of, enterprise Wi-Fi implementation or
    reparation projects showing problem resolution capabilities
  • Proper use of 802.11/WLAN vernacular
  • An in-depth understanding of complex WLAN topics
  • Accomplishments in design, installation, and configuration of 802.11 networks

I decided to write 3 articles corresponding to 3 exams: analysis, design and security.

  • Analysis – I described the reproduction of the issue and troubleshooting of mobile devices’ downloads for one of the UK supermarket retailer. I took packet captures and eventually found a problem with 802.11n Block Ack request frames.
  • Design – I described the project of implementing a hierarchical management One View in the Middle East.
  • Security – I described the issue I had been troubleshooting onsite in Germany related to wired security causing outages for wireless controllers working in a cluster.


3.Two (2) current, valid networking, security, design, or network analysis
certifications from non-CWNP certification providers (vendor-neutral or vendorspecific) in any of the topics below.

  • Network Technologies (VoIP, General Networking, etc.)
  • Routing/Switching
  • Security
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Radio Frequency (non-WLAN, for example, LTE, Zigbee, Ham Radio)
  • Network Design

I worked with the vendor which didn’t have any professional certification, therefore I needed to take another exams: CCNA, CCNA Wireless and ACMA. 2 were required by the process.


4. Endorsements:

I asked 3 of my colleagues to endorse me. I selected my colleague in which I used to work in TAC and 2 colleagues in which I worked with the current employer – non had a CWNE certification.


I submitted the application, waited some time and finally received an email that my application has been approved and I got CWNE #312. I am really glad and honored to acquire it.


I would like to thank all colleagues, partners and customers I had an opportunity to work with their Wi-Fi installations.

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